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A Word To Parents


Dear Parents,

We   welcome at Shri Vidya Niketan English Medium Higher Primary School / High School and P.U.College for a new and exciting adventure that await you. The amount of time and effort you spend for the children will make your year memorable and happy.

Thank you for choosing Shri Vidya Niketan School for Your child a very important decision, one that affects the whole of his or her Life. You will be reassured that your child will be safe and happy here,

You will find the rules and regulations that manage our day-to-day activities while at school to make it possible for all of us to live, learn, and play together.

Schooling is a major step in your child’s Life, here at Shri Vidya Niketan Nursery /Higher Primary / High School P.U. College. Be proud of it. Become part of it. You have the power to guide your child for success in life. Start on the right path. Remember, the longest journey for the child starts with the first step. Welcome!
The School Creed
This is our school
Let peace dwell here
Let the rooms be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of life itself
Let us remember
As many hands build a house
So many hearts build a school
Our School Motto is
“To move forward.”

The Aims of Our School is to provide a happy, caring, safe and secure environment which encourages and stimulates children to learn work in partnership with parents in all aspects of their child’s education.   Parents are a child’s first educators. Whatever we teach at school builds on what children learn at home. We think of education as a partnership between home and school and we welcome the participation of parents in every aspect of our school’s activity.


When a child becomes ill or is injured at school first aid is initially administered by a member of staff. If necessary the child is sent to the Doctor or the Doctor is to called at the school. If the child is not fit to return to the classroom the parent will be informed to take collect their child. If this is not possible the child will be send home accompanied by a member of staff. Parents are requested to inform school an emergency contact number and any change in this number later.


Shri Vidya Neketan was founded in the year 2006 to impart value based education to all children who reside in and around Bangalore City.
Shri Vidya Niketan School and P.U. College, is located at No, 724/9, Sy No .9.Belishivale Village, Dodda Gubbi Post, Bangalore - 560 077. Good village atmosphere
School Management is run by The Secretary Jayaram Educational and Cultural Trust, No.14/2, Mariamman Temple Street, Jai Bharath Nagar, Bangalore - 560033


We offer a choice of traditional and Montessori classes.  We also offer Kindergarten, English Medium Nursery / Higher Primary / High School, P.U. College. Our  Jayaram Educational and Cultural Trust Management at Shri Vidya Niketan School is to guide students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens


Who are prepared to face a challenging world by offering the experiences that promote the value of education and learning.

The goal of our school is to provide a quality education to every student by developing the academic and social skills of each student to the fullest degree. Our school’s curriculum incorporates a completely graded instructional program that is aligned with state standards and is comparable with other schools in the district and the state.



  Parent/teacher meetings are a vital part of the overall academic progress of your child.  We urge parents to request for meeting with teachers.  All teachers have some portions of time during the week to conduct meeting with parents.  Should a meeting is desired; please schedule it during a time when the teacher is free.  No teacher shall leave his/her students unattended for an unscheduled parent visit.  The Secretary and office personal will assist in scheduling a time for the parent/teacher meeting.  To schedule a meeting call the office at 094480 82885.9513334591
We want our students to enjoy being with us and to play their full part in the school. We are committed to give children a very high standard of education by fostering their spiritual, physical and moral development.

We expect everyone in our school to behave considerately, and to approach their work consciously.

It is the aim of the school to give all children the opportunity to develop their individual talents to the full and to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable.

We request parents to make every effort to send their child in uniform listed below. The staff is very keen to encourage high standards of dress and behavior.

Several items are available from the school office / office for and Reading.


Shri Vidya Niketan School Management has the concept involve everyone with the school in children, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, Management trustees and local people. We, each have an   important part to play in making Shri Vidya Niketan a good and successful school.

We the school believes management that we must:

•      Work together to meet the needs of all our children.
•      Give praise and encouragement, and recognize each other’s   achievement.
•      Offer constructive criticism and support so that our children develop to their full potential.
•      Understand that everyone has special educational needs at some time.  We believe that every child should:
•      Feel safe, happy and enjoy learning.
•      Be respected and valued.
•      Be offered the full range of activities available in our school.

The new five storey school building is housed in solid structure with rooms for a reception, Office, staffroom, labs, a hall, a library and  claddrooms - (Nursery and primary State Board English Medium) and CBSC affiliated to Delhi +  High school and P.U.C). Some classrooms have computer and internet access through acorn and Pc networks and an interactive whiteboard. Very high quality facilities in this room are available.
The Management has a plan to start a Degree college in all streams. Therefore, your child needs not to look further for higher studies elsewhere after finishing the school.
Safe drinking water and suffient toilets for girls and boys are provided.
The school caters to every need of the children. Future we have plan for a good and well equipped canteen in hygienic surroundings, where fresh fast foods and freshly prepared hot  food will be served, by experienced cooks. And also we have planned to keep clinic for firstaid purpose.

We have a large playground and extensive playing fields for children with play things. With specified areas to play football, basket ball, volley ball, Kabbaddi, throw ball and athletic games, etc.
The school is conducting inter school sports, games, cultural Debate, quiz, etc.
All National festivals are observed at school and annual sports held every year.


We regard you as being part of our school Management and look forward to your support in making Shri Vidya Niketan School a center of excellence for your Child. If you have time to spare or a skill to share, or just want to see what’s going on, the door is always open to you.

If your Child is joining us for the first time we welcome you and look forward to a happy and successful partnership over the coming years. If you Already have a Child in School here, we are Pleased to renew the link between us. Together we will achieve excellence through learning, caring and sharing

I hope that you and your child will enjoy a long and happy association with this school and College.

I look forward to meeting you on many Occasions in the coming years

                                Yours sincerely


Dr. J.Perumal, M.B.A,Ph.D
Shri Vidya Niketan School and College
Jayaram Educational and Cultural Trust


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