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    "Children are the hope of the Future, the builders of tomorrow". Life in the coming decades is likely to bring us both challenges and opportunities. Coming generations must be well prepared to face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. They must develop the ability to think and apply new ideas constantly and creatively. Their actions should be guided by a strong commitment to human values and social justice.  The way to achieve this is real education.  Education is a process of growth.  The education of a human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his / her life.

SHRI VIDYA NIKETAN SCHOOL & P.U. COLLEGE was established in the year 2005 and it has been rendering yeoman service in the field of education catering to the needs of rural children. To make the students become benevolent, forbearing and truthful the moral and ethical education are being taught by our school. Our school aims at imparting sound moral and spiritual values to our students, enabling them to develop their personalities and improving them to become a good citizen. The quality of education has been gradually and steadily making progress in encouraging all round development of the children who gets enrolled with us.

Education is a harmonious blend of knowledge and intellect sharpened by stalwarts namely teachers.  There is no limit to the acquisition of knowledge and everyone should aim for the stars in the sky.  As the saying goes “Hitch your wagon to the star” one has to reach heights of success.  Education helps you to do so and prepares the person to face the competitive world. 

     We are always taking a step ahead in order to seek excellence.  This can be sought after only if education is imparted from the portals of the school.  The school provides the individual with values, morals and instils them with the curiosity to acquire and learn.  Education helps in developing the skills of the individual making him or her into a responsible person in society.

    SHRI VIDYA NIKETAN SCHOOL AND P.U.COLLEGE has progressed in leaps and bounds in moulding the students into all round personalities ready to take up the challenges of life.  The education that is imparted to them in the school helps them to become confident human beings who are eager to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

Thank You,
Mrs.G.CHITHRA ,M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,PGDCA.


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